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Animal vs Plant Protein

Proteins provide the fundamental building blocks for our body. It is important that we need to consume a sufficient amount of good quality proteins for different life stages.

1. Animal Based Proteins

Food high in protein isolated on white

Animal meat-based protein is an efficient source of all essential amino acids necessary for our nutritional needs, but comes at a relatively high environment cost. Preferred: Grass-fed/organic-farmed meat, wild-caught/Alaskan salmon, small/organic-farmed fish, free-ranged poultry/egg. 

2. Plant based Protein

Vegetable albumen sources. Plant protein (beans, nuts, vegetables, mushrooms, seeds) forming a circle. Vegan and vegetarian food concept. Flat lay.

Vegetarians need to take a larger amount by weight (compared with non-vegetarians) including a variety of protein-containing food to get a sufficient amount of all the amino acids essential our body needs. (Non-vegan) Egg protein is an effective and complete protein source. Vegan protein with Complete Protein Spectrum: Quinoa, Buckwheat, Organic Soy. 

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