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Diabesity Solutions

This Worshop took place on

25 January 2018, Friday 5:30-7:00 pm

Our environment determines what we eat

Diabesity, the twin epidemic of diabetes and obesity, had been rising in recent decades. Worldwide 5% of children and 12% of adults were obese in 2015, equating to 108 and 604 million individuals respectively. An early onset of obesity is of particular concern as it is likely to translate to higher cumulative burden of diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Our current “obesogenic” food environment is an important driver to this diabesity epidemics.

This workshop explores the relationship between food and diabesity, highlighting important determinants of our current obesogenic environment, exploring how food can be used as medicine to address this diabesity epidemics with demonstration of functional food-based solutions.

Dr Simon Lam<br>Medical Doctor

Dr Simon Lam

Family Physician
Violet Man<br>Dietitian

Violet Man

Registered Dietitian
Dr Lynn Lim<br>Naturopath

Dr Lynn Lim

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