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22 February 2019, Fri 5:30-7:00 pm


Workshop Completed

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What our kids eat is shaped by our environment.

Our kids are what they eat, and what they eat is shaped by our environment. Children born now are expected to live longer worldwide, but are our children living a healthier (and happier) life? The food our kids eat and the environment they live in can have a long lasting impact on their current as well as future Functional health and Wellness. A healthy relationship with food in childhood builds the foundations for lifelong health. The choice of food can however be a source of confusions and controversies. For some families, mealtime has even become a battleground.

This workshop explores the role of food, lifestyle and environment on our children’s health; tips and tricks to optimise wellness, nurture a lifelong healthy attitude to food; and demonstration of functional food-based solutions.

  • Winners of World’s Kids Health Olympics. What can we learn from countries at the top of World’s Healthiest Children leader board? How can we tweak our family plate to optimise health, while celebrating the joy of food?
  • Family Lifestyle and Environment. How to navigate the chemical jungle in our food system for our kids? How to create a home environment to support healthy food and lifestyle choices? How to be an authoritative but not authoritarian role model?
  • Special topics. Why are some kids so fuzzy about food, are they getting enough nutrients, and how to say goodbye to picky eating? Do vegetarian teens get enough nutrients, and what can we do to support them?
  • Demo & Tasting. We will demonstrate traditional and functional food ideas discussed in the Workshop.

Winners of World’s Kids Health Olympics
Family Lifestyle and Environment
Special topics


Kids-friendly recipes

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