Diabesity Solutions: Functional Carbs & Healthy Fats

25 January 2019, Fri 5:30-7:00 pm


Workshop Completed

What we eat is shaped by our environment.

We are what we eat, and what we eat is shaped by our environment. Diabesity, the twin epidemic of diabetes and obesity, had been rising in recent decades. Worldwide 5% of children and 12% of adults were obese in 2015, equating to 108 and 604 million individuals respectively. An early onset of obesity is of particular concern as it is likely to translate to higher cumulative burden of diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Our current “obesogenic” food environment is an important driver to this diabesity epidemics.

This workshop explores the relationship between food and diabesity, highlighting important determinants of our current obesogenic environment, exploring how food can be used as medicine to address this diabesity epidemics with demonstration of functional food-based solutions.

  • Environment. We will explore how our current food environment can affect our choice of food, shaping how much and what we eat, translating to an obesogenic environment that promote over-nutrition, diabesity and adverse health outcomes..
  • Disease Focus. We will discuss the twin epidemic of diabetes and obesity, health consequences of diabesity, its relation to food and obesigenic environment as well as traditional and functional nutritional solutions.
  • Food Plans. We provide an overview of different dietary plans including low fat, low carbs and ketogenic diets, advantages and potential pitfalls, and the important role of protein, functional carbs, and healthy fats.
  • Demo & Tasting. We will demonstrate traditional and functional food ideas discussed in the Workshop.

Obesogenic Environment
Diabesity Solutions
World of Food Plans


Traditional Nutrition Ideas
Functional Food Solutions

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