Digestive Wellness

4 December 2018, Tuesday 5:30-7:00 pm

We are what we digest and absorb

Digestive Wellness

Gut & Microbiome

  • Effective digestion and absorption are important for optimal health, while disturbance in these functions can result in chronic gut symptoms, nutrient deficiency, as well as health effects beyond the gut. This workshop explores how suboptimal digestion and absorption might contribute to chronic ill health, and how to optimise health and wellness with functional strategies.

  • Digest

    We will discuss the role of digestion as gatekeeper and upstream modulator, and functional approaches to improve digestion as well as overall gastrointestinal function and gut health.

  • Absorb

    We will discuss reasons why nutrient absorption can be suboptimal despite a well-balanced diet, and how food choice and medications can affect absorption.

  • Disease Focus

    We will illustrate the health effects of suboptimal absorption and digestion using the condition of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) as an example, and functional nutritional solutions.

  • Demonstrate

    We will demonstrate digestives, calmatives and other functional recipes that supports gastrointestinal health and overall wellness, as well as healthy gut friendly snacks.


Workshop Topics:

  • You are what you Digest
  • You are what you Absorb
  • Carb Intolerance & SIBO
  • Digestives & Calmatives
  • Functional Gut Health Recipe
  • Healthy gut friendly snacks
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