Food As Medicine Primer

26 October 2018, Friday 5:30-7:00 pm

We are what we eat

Food As Medicine Primer

General Wellness

  • Food choices and nutritional imbalance can be important determinants of suboptimal health and chronic illnesses. This workshop explores the reasons why what we eat and how we eat it can tip the balance between state of disease and state of health.

  • Rebalance

    We will discuss how we could rebalance the health effects of the food, and provide practical hacks in pantry ingredients and food swaps for healthier eating.

  • Personalize

    We will look at strategies to personalise our choice of functional therapeutic foods based on traditional wisdoms as well as modern nutrigenomics.

  • Demonstrate

    We will demonstrate how to prepare a delicious and healthy dinner party with minimal effect using functional food ideas discussed in the workshop.


Workshop Topics:

  • Nutrients IN: Toxins OUT.
  • Personalised Functional Food: From Traditions to Nutrigenomics
  • Functional Ingredients
    • Activating & Sprouting
    • Functional Infusions & Vinaigrettes 
  • Bringing it together: Healthy Dinner Party Ideas
    • Healthy Bowls
    • Slow Cooking

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