Pregnancy & Nutritional Programming

15 November 2018, Thursday 5:30-7:00 pm

Your baby is what you eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy & Nutritional Programming

Family Wellness

  • Latest research confirms that nutrition and other environmental exposures during pregnancy can exert a lasting effect on your baby’s development, behaviour, manifestation of diseases, as well as your waistline. This workshop explores the important role of food and environment on pregnancy care, and importance of nutritional programming.

  • Optimise

    We will discuss how to optimise pregnancy wellness and healthy development of your baby by addressing healthy food cravings, ensuring nutritional adequacy, and avoiding environmental toxicity.

  • Nutritional Programming

    We will look at the latest science of nutritional programming and functional foods, as well as often overlooked micronutrient deficiencies in pregnancy and role of supplements.

  • Demonstrate

    We will demonstrate DIY non-toxic home care products, tips on how to choose healthy portion size, and delicious functional food ideas for you and your happy and healthy baby.


Workshop Topics:

  • The Pregnancy Exposome
  • Nutritional Programming
  • Tips for Healthy Portion Size
  • Health Snacks for Mums
  • Functional Food Ideas
  • DIY Home Care Products
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